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Before the Big Move: How to Transition Smoothly Into Senior Living

November 24, 2023
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Making the Transition

Once you’ve chosen the community it’s time to plan the move. Even though your family has agreed that senior living is best, there’s still likely to be a great deal of trepidation about what to expect. It’s important to include the community at this point of the process. They will be more than happy to help ease the transition for all of you!

Here’s how:

  • Ask what resources they recommend such as realtors, moving companies and professional downsizing specialists.
  • Arrange an in-home visit from the community. A staff member will visit, get to know your loved one, learn their needs, likes and desires and answer any questions you may have.
  • Visit the community often with your loved one to have a meal, participate in activities and get to know the staff as well as your new neighbors.

What to Expect

Once you put down a deposit, an assessment will be scheduled (unless you are moving into independent living) to ensure the community can provide you with all the care required. The assessment also determines the additional costs for personal care. There are communities that include some care within the monthly fee and others separate rent and care. Every state regulates senior living differently, and the state determines what care can and cannot be provided.

Following the assessment, you will schedule a lease signing with the community’s executive director. Be sure to ask what paperwork is needed for this meeting.

Typically, you will need:
  • A physician’s clearance form
  • Insurance, Medicare and Social Security cards
  • Chest X-ray or a negative TB test
  • Legal documents such as healthcare proxy, power of attorney, etc.

Don’t Wait: Let the Fun Begin

Once you’ve deposited and schedule your move-in date, you’re part of the family! To ease the transition, visit the community often. This will allow the new resident to get acclimated to the building and grounds as well as make new friends with other residents and staff members so that they see familiar faces when they officially move into their new home.

Reasons to Visit:

  • Grab a meal: Many communities will allow you to come enjoy a complimentary meal. The dining room is the social hub of most communities and therefore a great place to meet people.
  • Activities: Most communities would gladly welcome you to participate in the activities, events or entertainment that interests you. Talk to the Life Enrichment or Activities team to get a copy of the current monthly activity calendar. There are bound to be things you can join in on.
  • Schedule a time: If you have questions or are unclear about anything, make an appointment to chat with a community representative. They want your transition to run smoothly and will do what they can to ensure that this happens.

Need more guidance on how to smoothly transition to senior living? Click below to see the full guide!