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Make Yourself at Home: Settling into Senior Living

April 19, 2024
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Congratulations on your move!

It’s an exciting new chapter, and while it might take some time to feel completely at home, there are plenty of ways to make this transition smoother and more enjoyable.

Surround Yourself with Memories: Start by unpacking your photographs. They are not just pictures; they are windows to your cherished memories. By surrounding yourself with these precious snapshots, you’ll instantly add a personal touch to your new space.

Bring the Familiar into Your New Space: What made your previous home special? Was it a particular piece of art or a familiar scent? Recreating these elements can bring immense comfort. If you loved the roses in your old garden, why not get some fresh roses for your new home? Or, if city sounds used to be your lullaby, a sound machine mimicking those noises could be surprisingly comforting.

Let There Be Light: It’s natural to have moments of sadness or loneliness as you adjust. On these days, let light be your ally. Open the blinds, turn on the lamps, and fill your space with brightness. It’s amazing how light can uplift your mood.

Green Companions: Houseplants: While you’re making new friends, let houseplants be your silent, nurturing companions. They not only purify the air but also give you something to care for, adding a lively touch to your new home.

Discover Your New Favorites: Think about your favorite spots from your previous neighborhood. Was it a coffee shop, a church, or a salon? Exploring your new community to find these equivalents can be a fun adventure, helping you establish new routines and favorites.

Embrace Community Life: The heart of feeling at home lies in the people you meet. Most senior living communities offer a variety of clubs and social groups. From Bible studies to bridge clubs, there’s something for everyone. While it might feel daunting to be the new member, these new experiences will enrich your life and help you form meaningful connections.

Create Your New Routine: Establishing a new routine can provide comfort and structure. Whether it’s a morning walk, a regular dinner time in the dining hall, or a weekly yoga class, these activities help you create a ‘new normal’ and offer opportunities to meet fellow residents.

Embrace the Journey

Remember, making a home isn’t just about the physical space; it’s about the experiences and the people that fill it. Take your time, explore your interests, and allow yourself to gradually fall in love with your new home and community.

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