Director of Activities

Director of Activities Charlise Bradshaw

Charlise Bradshaw, the Director of Activities, is from West Point, MS. She is a graduate of West Point High School


I am a graduate of Mississippi University for Women in Columbus Mississippi. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology with a minor in Psychology. I completed the Emergency Medical Technician training program in Dec. 2010 at East Mississippi Community College in Mayhew MS. I am a certified Speech-Language Pathology Assistant as of December 2017 (University of Mississippi, Oxford MS)


Years of experience?

I have been with BMG/The Claiborne at Adelaide for two years. I began working here as the weekend concierge, then as the full-time concierge, now Director of Activities.


Favorite part of working with seniors?

My favorite part of working with seniors is the puzzle pieces I get to an era when I talk with each of them. When I was in history class learning about things like ‘The Great Depression’ and ‘The Civil War’, I only had what info the text books provided. But when I sit down with a veteran who can tell me about being on the front line in war or talking to a resident who lived through the depression, it brings those history lessons to life for me!


Favorite part of working with Blake?

My favorite part of working with BMG is the opportunities for advancement. Just because I was hired in as a weekend concierge didn’t mean that was my destiny. I have been promoted twice within two years. Not only do I express interest in moving on, BMG often comes to me and encourages me to explore my options and lift my limits. BMG recognizes and honors a WHOLE person and not just part of a person. Yes, I was concierge, but I was also good at planning events and so I was given little events to plan for our community. Yes, I’m the Director of Activities, but I am also good at repurposing spaces and interior decorating and I was given creative control on a few rooms in the community. BMG gives you the space and tools to be the best YOU that you can be!


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I love to pack an overnight bag and travel to a new city for a day or two and just enjoy the getaway. I love to sleep in on the weekends and then get out with my loved ones and thrift shop!

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